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Piercing Reviews

"Sabrina was very professional made me feel very comfortable and I really enjoyed our training. Would definitely recommend x"
- Kerry, Professional Piercer

I would 100% recommend doing this piercing course! Not only did I absolutely love every second of it, but I came away with so much confidence and knowledge. Sabrina and her husband really covered everything we would need to know. You can really tell they care about what they do. Having never pierced before I wasn't sure how well I'd do, but I can honestly say I really love piercing now and can't recommend her enough. Thank you!

- Jade, Professional Piercer
"I attended a piercing course this year in September. It's something I have wanted to do for a while. I was very nervous when I arrived but Sabrina the instructor / teacher managed to turn the nervous atmosphere around to a friendly positive one. We went into a lot of detail more than I was expecting, I loved the fact that questions weren't just welcomed they were encouraged by Sabrina. When it come to the practical side Sabrina was always over looking what you were doing so you didn't feel like you were thrown in the deep in she was very patient and asked you questions to show you knew what you were doing which was a confidence booster. After passing I went to work in a tattoo shop as the only piercer. At times it has been very nerve racking.Its been great just to contact Sabrina on any questions I have or uncertainties about some piercings I have done. Very quickly Sabrina has contacted me back and helped at times it's just been my nerves  getting the better of me. other times I have had to slightly alter the way I'm doing a piercing. I can't thank her enough for her knowledge , help and confidence boosting at times."
- Laura English, Professional Piercer
"I attended Sabrina’s piercing course back in 2017.  The course covered a lot of information delivered in concise chunks that were easy to absorb and remember. The structure was clear logical and effective, Sabrina had obviously put a lot of time and expertise into how to deliver it. The course was fun and challenging all at the same time! 
Sabrina has a calm and logical method of teaching that gave me the confidence to perform my piercings on the second day .  I am now fully qualified in full body piercings but never feel alone, if I have any queries or worries Sabrina has always been there to give advise and guidance replying promptly to any emails sent. This course has truly inspired me and I can’t speak highly enough ! Thank you so much "
- Kelly Evans, Professional Piercer
"I attended the piercing course in 2017, it was brilliant. Sabrina (the teacher) was very helpful, honest and easy to talk too. She answered all questions with no problems at all, we stayed late to ensure everything was thoroughly covered and we was all happy. I have since been in regular contact with Sabrina with questions and help with my piercing (I am now in a working studio), she has answered all questions brilliantly helping in every way possible almost instantly from me emailing my original question. Would definitely recommend Sabrina as a piercing teacher to everyone I know (and don’t know)."
- Louise Boylett, Professional Piercer
 Excellent and intense full day course run by a teacher who really knew her stuff. Small class size was a real plus allowing plenty of one-on-one advice. I did the course to learn techniques and get professional advice from a master piercer. I have certainly achieved that and more! It's also value for money.
-Dean, Tattoo studio Owner

Tattoo Reviews

In 2011 after the recession had blown the trades out of the water, I found myself without work and any chance of it for the foreseeable future. My personal circumstances didn't allow emigration at the time, so I had to think outside the square on how I was going to make a decent living.
Having had several tattoos done over the years I'd always had an interest in them and was fascinated by the skill and artwork involved in doing them. Through the grapevine I heard that Buddy was running tattooing courses so in a way I suppose a light bulb went on.
Having seen shows on tv about the tattooing industry and the amount of opportunities that could potentially open up, in particular the possibility of travelling and doing guest spots around the world I signed up in 2012.
From the get go it was obvious that Buddy was there to pass on his knowledge and passion for this skill. No question went unanswered, there was no attitude and it was done with warmth and humour. A lot of humour!! But make no mistake, this was thoroughly professional with all facets of the trade covered.
At times it was tough, there's a lot of concentration involved but that's another skill to develop and Buddy teaches ways of maintaining this. 
All in all it was well worth the investment. It's 2018 now and I travel the world doing guest spots and work in Ireland when I'm here. 
So stop thinking about it and do it. Take the plunge and change your life for the better.


 "I completed Buddy's tattoo course in 2003 and it was the best decision I ever made as I am now a proud owner of my own tattoo studio. Buddy is a great teacher, he explains how to tattoo in a way that makes it easy and fun to learn. Buddy was always quick to respond with any questions I had after I finished the course. Thanks so much Buddy!"
- Patricia Kelly, Tattoo studio owner.

I attended a tattoo course with Buddy back in 2016. I was a bit nervous at the start but Buddy made me feel at home. I was surprised at how much goes into tattooing and Buddy brought me through every single aspect of it. This course helped me get my foot into the tattoo industry and I can't wait to see how far it takes me! I could not recommend the tattoo course enough!

-David Walsh, Tattooist

In 2009 I went for the 1 day advanced course with Buddy, I learned so much, we went over a lot more than I thought we would, covering so many topics. I couldn't recommend Buddy enough.

-Eric Scanlon, Tattooist

I done a tattoo course in 2004 with buddy .I saved up enough money from my boring job as a taxi driver and this was the best decision i ever made,i opened my own studio in 2006 and can't thank buddy enough for all the help and support he has given me over the years.

-Adrian Moore, Tattooist

I attended 1 of Buddies tatttoo course's in 2015 ,he is an excellent teacher with a head full of knowledge that he obviously loves to teach,always encouraging questions,he is very patient with all of his nervous students and put every1 at ease with a really relaxed atmosphere,the course gave me all the tools needed to become a professional tattoo artist.Having easy access to Buddy after the course finished was a huge bonus with any questions answered within minutes.Was the course worth it,absolutely 1000% yes.

-Lorraine O' Keefe, Tattooist

Completed tattoo course January 2017 ,Buddy has some mad skills making the course enjoyable fun and jam packed with information,,Buddy is a true gent with experience ooooozing out of every pore,i started tattooing about a year before,,my head was wrecked trying to get my lines done properly my colour work was crap so i decided to take one of his course's,,Buddy was quick to point out that all of my tattooing was crap and gave me a reality check then showed me how to tattoo the right way,I got a job in a local tattoo studio 4 weeks after the course,i still work at this studio and have a reputation for strong lines and bright colour thanks to Buddy.

-Tommy McNamara: Tattooist
 I attended a Tattoo course in February 2018.
Wow... What a course I learned more in 2 weeks then I did in 2 years of tattooing. Solid well explained fun excellent guidance in what your doing wrong and how to fix it tips and tricks that you could never find online or anywhere. Buddy and the Sabrina Clif and Jake have it all down to an art made me feel part team as well teaching me a world of there knowledge couldn't be more grateful.
-Greg Hodkinson: Tattooist

“Taking this course was one of best experiences so far in my life. I am appreciative of the fact that Buddy and Sabrina are willing to instil their knowledge and skills into people like me, who are trying to become tattoo artists. Both of them explained everything perfectly and professionally. They did not miss a topic on the curriculum. In fact, they even included a little more information. Not only are they great educators, but they are also awesome people. I had a great time being around them. They benefited me by giving me the confidence and knowledge to mould me into who I’d like to become, and for that I couldn’t be more thankful”

-Moen Tesoro- Tattooist